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The HeadApp project is the brainchild of DigiSky, who vision the opportunity of transforming a pair of multimedia glasses into a glass cockpit. This technology offers many benefits including increased flight safety and allows for an affordable upgrade of the performance in any kind of aircraft.

Was founded in 2014 by a team of Italian entrepreneurs passionate about technology and aviation. Headapp’s line of products synthesizes and bring to commercial standards the founders’ expertise in the fields of aerospace and software developments.


Status: innovative start-up – established 2014
Technology: hw./sw.
wearable devices
Business: B2B
web/mobile services

Customers: operators in critical contest

Always role: strategy, funds rising, engineering & business development support
Company shares:
36% (through DigiSky)


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HeadApp supports SmartBay project in managing pilot’s remote sensors.

SmartBay is an avionics system to perform a quick sensors suite configuration on different aircraft. SmartBay allows to standardize and automate the sensors management during the mission, facilitate post-processing operation of the data collected and optimize the sensor maintenance operations

HeadApp supported SkySPARK World Record Challenge.


The goal of the SkySpark project is to design and build a complete “ecological” aircraft based on innovative brushless engine and a complete Lithium Polymers batteries power management system. In June 2009, Maurizio Cheli flew the airplane to reach a new world speed record. The next goal will be the construction of a hybrid engine

HeadApp supplies Dardo’s avionics suite.