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Maurizio CHELI

Graduated in Aerospace Engineering from Houston University, more than 4500 hours of flight experience, mostly in flight testing high performance aircraft, on more than 50 different types of aircraft and approximately 360 hours of space flight.

In 1996 he flew as STS-75 Mission Specialist aboard the Space Shuttle.

Pierpaolo PEROTTO

Extensive international experience in strategic consulting and applied research. He has worked in Ernst & Young and Olivetti. In California he was part of the group of artificial intelligence Olivetti. He has a degree in electronic engineering from the University of Genoa. He is the founder and partner of Experientia.



Professor at the University of Turin, already in Perugia and Eastern Piedmont, in legal and economic areas.
He has extensive expertise in legal advice and administrative services company, working, among others, for Ernst & Young.
Currently Chancellor of the University of Valle d'Aosta.