Always has developed an evaluation and screening process for innovative ideas based, among others, on parameters such as uniqueness and sustainability in the medium and long terms.

World-changing ideas are those that change the usual market paradigms by:

  • Generating welfare opportunities to many
  • Enabling new social and interaction patterns
  • Arising from the wisdom of simplicity
  • putting individuals, theirs needs and their wishes, in first place

Always evaluates companies I target based on several criteria such us, among others:

  1. Technological Innovation
  2. Uniqueness of its business model
  3. Management expertise and reliability
  4. Ability to intercept new social web behavior and needs
  5. Ability to take advantage of new payment methods, bartering and crowdfunding
  6. Ability to fully exploit “bid data” opportunities
  7. Inter-portfolio synergies

Once selected, start ups undergo a preliminary study in order to determine the ideal path towards the market and to quantify the risk capital needed to succeed.

At the end of the positive evaluation process, Always underwrites a minority interest in the company (between 10% and 20%) providing the start ups management with its expertise network in order to boost the business development.