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Avionics innovative solutions for pilots


Status: established company  2007
Technology: hw./sw. avionics proprietary
Business: B2B

Asset: Airport facilities, Equipped laboratories, Aircraft fleet
Customers: pilots, aerial workers, government,

Always role: strategy, funds rising, engineering & business development support
Company shares: 6% (callable up to 20%)

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The HeadApp project is the brainchild of DigiSky, who vision the opportunity of transforming a pair of multimedia glasses into a glass cockpit. This technology offers many benefits including increased flight safety and allows for an affordable upgrade of the performance in any kind of aircraft.

SmartBay is an avionics system to perform a quick sensors suite configuration on different aircraft. SmartBay allows to standardize and automate the sensors management during the mission, facilitate post-processing operation of the data collected and optimize the sensor maintenance operations

The goal of the SkySpark project is to design and build a complete “ecological” aircraft based on innovative brushless engine and a complete Lithium Polymers batteries power management system. In June 2009, Maurizio Cheli flew the airplane to reach a new world speed record. The next goal will be the construction of a hybrid engine

MedSimCity is the project aimed at building an Advanced Training Center for the health care system, by applying a “best practices transfer” approach derived from the aerospace sector. MedSimCity goal is to reduce all medical accidents occurring in high technological environment through a systemic implementation of innovative methodologies for training and continuing education of Health personnel.